All new app, all new Lifetime Service Plan! Connect to your vehicle with no monthly fees!

MyCar2 boasts a beautifully redesigned app and packs the best features of the original MyCar system into a brand new module. Best of all, MyCar2 ships with our new lifetime service plan

This means the same outstanding North-America wide service now with no renewal fees!

MyCar2 wirelessly connects to and controls your vehicle, providing:

  • Engine start/shutdown with True Runtime™
  • Extend runtime while remote started
  • Door lock/unlock with current door status
  • Trunk release or open/close Motorized Rear Hatch
  • Personalized vehicle image
  • Vehicle temperature and battery level
  • Family sharing
  • GPS instant locate
  • Remote start from smartphone
  • Keyless entry from smartphone
  • Vehicle locate from smartphone
  • North-America wide starter service
  • Unlimited remote starter range
  • Battery level display on smartphone
  • Control screen personalization
  • Temperature display on smartphone
MyCar2 premium service MyCar2 instant locate on smartphone
MyCar2 geofence features MyCar2 precise route mapping

Upgrade to Premium Plus and get advanced GPS features!

Ideal for small fleets, parents with teen drivers, or drivers interested in car-sharing their vehicle.

  • Accordion Icon Geofencing and zone selection with alerts for entering and leaving zones.

    Great as an early theft notification system, or for alerts when vehicles leave or enter specific areas. Users can draw geofences or choose from presets.

  • Accordion Icon Trip Logging with Precise Route Mapping and Route Replay.

    MyCar2 remembers the trips taken by your vehicle and plots them on a map, allowing you to review previously taken routes or use playback feature to replay a selected trip.

  • Accordion Icon Selectable alerts and notifications for Speed, Geofences, Curfew, Movement, Mileage, and Low-Battery.

    MyCar2 lets you receive alerts about your vehicle, and you can choose how to receive them:

      • Push Notifications
      • SMS
      • and/or Emails

    Never wake up to a dead battery, and get notified when your vehicle is being used in ways you're uncomfortable with. That could include excessive speeding, usage outside of specific hours, or usage outside a specific area.

Compatible with most digital starters!

MyCar2 is compatible with every major digital remote starter platform, including ADS Idatalink and Idatastart, Code Alarm, Directed Electronics (DEI), Firstech (Compustar), Fortin, Flashlogic, Midcity Engineering, Omega, PolarStart, Prestige, and Pursuit. Crimestopper is expected to be added by mid 2024.

MyCar compatibility

MyCar2 Compatibility Details:

ADS iDatalink

  • HC / HCx
  • VW / VWx
  • BM
  • BZ
  • AKX / OEM

Code Alarm

  • New Gen Modules (with ADS telematic)
  • Cars
  • CA4055
  • CA5055


  • RS-00
  • RSX-G5
  • SP402 / SP502
  • *ETA mid 2024


  • DBALL2
  • DB3
  • 4X10 / 5X10
  • DS3 / DS3+
  • DS4 / DS4+
  • AF-D600
  • AS-D200
  • AS-D600


  • Compustar 7000 series
  • Compustar 6000 series
  • Compustar FT-xxx-DC
  • Compustar FT-DC2 / FT-DC3




  • FLRS

Midcity Engineering

  • All modules with Drone telematics port


  • PolarStart PRS-13 / PRS-13X
  • PolarStart CM-X / PRS-16 / PRS-17

Prestige / Pursuit

  • (E), (Z) models


  • RS-X70
  • AL-XX70-B
  • OLRS
  • All modules with Blue telematics port

Which solution is right for you?

Here is a question we get a lot: "What do I need to control my car with my phone?" Here are four common scenarios:

Member Photo
If you'd like to start your vehicle with your phone, but don't currently have a remote starter, you'll need a MyCar2 module and a compatible Digital Remote Starter.

You do not have a remote starter

SOLUTION: Digital Starter + MyCar2

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Generally, factory remote starters cannot connect to MyCar2. Fortunately, adding a secondary aftermarket Digital Remote Starter with a MyCar2 module is often possible.

You have a factory remote starter

SOLUTION: Digital starter + MyCar2

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Looks like all you need here is to add a MyCar2 module, providing you have a compatible Digital Remote Starter. An authorized MyCar2 reseller can help you determine compatibility.

You have an aftermarket starter


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Only interested in GPS locating or tracking your vehicle? A MyCar2 with a Premium or Premium Plus service plan should do the trick.

You only want GPS features


MyCar2 extensive North America coverage

MyCar2 easily connects to and switches between various cellular carriers throughout North America. The service region includes Canada, continental USA, Alaska and Puerto Rico (wherever LTE-M services exist).

MyCar2 service coverage
  • Accordion IconTech Insight: What is LTE-M?

    LTE-M, short for Long-Term Evolution for Machines, is a type of cellular network technology designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

    So, whereas regular LTE lets people connect, LTE-M lets devices connect, such as your smartphone and your MyCar2 unit. LTE-M is available in most areas you'll find traditional LTE, and is continuously expanding.

Overview Videos

Discover the incredible new MYCAR™ 2 App! Here are just a few videos to demonstrate some key features, but there is much more to come!

MYCAR™ 2 Control Centre

Personalized Auxilliary Buttons

FREE TRIAL of the MYCAR™ 2 "Premium Plus" plan

MyCar2 service plans

Nobody likes monthly fees, which is why MyCar2 includes our new “Premium” Lifetime Service Plan with available in-app upgrade to “Premium Plus” Lifetime Service Plan!



  • Lifetime service*
  • Engine start and shutdown with True Runtime™
  • Door lock and unlock with current door status
  • Trunk ease or open/close Motorized Rear Hatch
  • Personalized vehicle image
  • Vehicle battery level and temperature display
  • Family sharing
  • GPS instant locate
  • Precise map trips trailing
  • Geofencing and location alerts