3 extra years of peace of mind for life's unexpected mishaps!

MYCAR™ 2 comes standard with one year of hardware coverage provided by its limited warranty. The MYCAR™ 2 CARE Protection Plan extends your coverage, offering 3 additional years of enhanced protection.

* Available for purchase within the MYCAR™ 2 app

We fix it or replace it!

Sometimes things can be fixed. Other times not. We will fix or replace your MYCAR™ 2 module, so either way, you’re covered!*

Water damage coverage

We’ll fix or replace your MYCAR™ 2 module, even if it’s damaged by water infiltration.*

Power surge coverage

Power surges or fluctuations can sometimes lead to hardware failures. If this happens to your MYCAR™ 2 module we will repair or replace it.*

Fully transferrable

That’s right, the MYCAR™ 2 CARE Protection Plan is transferable! If you sell your device, the plan goes with it! No additional fees are required.

Prepaid shipping

Should you have a warranty claim we’ll take care of the shipping charges for you to keep the hassle to a minimum.*

All other terms and conditions of the standard warranty shall remain in full force and effect.

* Water damage and power surge claims under this extended
* warranty are limited to one occurrence within the warranty period

Limited time offer:

* Offer expires 60 days after activation of MYCAR™ 2 device.

$49.99 USD

Protect your MYCAR™ 2 today!